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Faculty Profile

Dr Anirban Basu Professor
Dr Pravat Kumar Mandal Senior Professor
Dr Nandini Chatterjee Singh Scientist VI
Dr. Neeraj Jain Director
Dr Dipanjan Roy Scientist IV
Prof Soumya Iyengar Scientist VI
Prof Anindya Ghosh Roy Scientist V


Minocycline reduces proinflammatory cytokine expre...

Author: Krady, J.K. and Basu, A. and Allen, C.M. and Xu, Y. and LaNoue, K.F. and Gardner, T.W. and Levison, S.W.

Modulation spectra of natural sounds and ethologic...

Author: Singha, N.C. and Theunissen, F.E.

Proinflammatory mediators released by activated mi...

Author: Ghoshal, A. and Das, S. and Ghosh, S. and Mishra, M.K. and Sharma, V. and Koli, P. and Sen, E. and Basu, A.

Interleukin-1: A master regulator of neuroinflamma...

Author: Basu, A. and Krady, J.K. and Levison, S.W.

Modulation of interleukin-1β mediated inflammator...

Author: Sharma, V. and Mishra, M. and Ghosh, S. and Tewari, R. and Basu, A. and Seth, P. and Sen, E.

Selectivity for conspecific song in the zebra finc...

Author: Grace, J.A. and Amin, N. and Singh, N.C. and Theunissen, F.E.

Antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects of rosmari...

Author: Swarup, V. and Ghosh, J. and Ghosh, S. and Saxena, A. and Basu, A.